DIY Handmade Accessories Class

Understand the process of making and maintenance of handmade flowers. 
Learn how to use tools to fix flowers in shape.  
Explain the design and usage of floral materials, and the application on different hairstyles.
Share the knowledge of preserved flowers, types and ways of matching. It will help you to understand different materials, colour combination, style designs, etc. 

Why should you join DIY Handmade Accessories Class

For your brides to have exclusive hair accessories, stand out from the crowd.
Want to personally design distinctive and romantic preserved flowers accessories. 
To market personally designed products.
Keeping up with trends. To learn a different kind of art. 
To personally make gifts for someone special on a special occasion.
Improve your sense of aesthetics. 

All Products & Tools are provided for use in school. 

Please refer to Sense & Style for monthly intake date.

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