Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I register online for any of the courses?

Yes, you can register online through our official website

However, your registration will not be considered complete until the payment has been received.

2. Can I make payment online?

Yes, you can make payment online using our Online Payment Facility provided by iPay88. 

iPay88 is an Internet Payment Switching Gateway through credit card, Internet Banking (or E-Debit) & Electronic Wallet (E-Wallet), developed by Mobile88.Com Sdn. Bhd. 

The affiliate banks include: - Maybank2u - CIMB Clicks - Alliance Bank - Ambank - Hong Leong Bank - RHB - MEPS Affiliate Banks – Web Cash.

We also accept Mastercard OR Visa debit card.

3. Is there any specific requirement or minimum age requirement to enroll the course(s)? 

No, there is no minimum age requirement or any other requirement for you to enroll the Make-up, Professional Beauty, Nail Art and Diet & Nutrition courses.  

4. Do I have to pay for the make-up competition? 

Every school has to charge fees for exams, and we are no exception. 

We are one of the very few make-up academies that will organize a very grand make-up competition or graduation ceremony in hotel, major shopping complex or exhibition center for our students to showcase their artworks or receive certificates on stage. 

Our make-up competition or graduation ceremony fees will range from RM300 to RM400. Those who have joined the competition are considered “tested” and will gain a lot of experience from the competition.

5. I've taken make-up/ beauty course before, so can I skip the basic lessons and get a discount on my course fees? 

At Sense & Style, we emphasize very much on the foundation. We prepare the fundamental parts of all the courses in details with the right materials, to help our students to learn better and develop in a way so they can face the growing competition in near future. 

You might have learned some basic lessons before but not 100% the same steps we teach or methods we use. So we would like you to learn from the basic. It will gain you more knowledge and enhance your practical skills. 

Anyway, upgrade courses are also available upon request.  

6. Can you guarantee that I'll be able to master the makeup/beauty/nail art skill after I completed the course? 

If you pay full attention, attend the classes and practice regularly, you'll be sure to master the skills. 

If you don't understand a certain topic, you can consult our tutors when you're at school and also practice more at home. 

7. Are you using one-to-one teaching method? 

For Make-up & Nair Art classes, we may divide into groups for different classes, ranging from 4 to 8 persons in a group. However, our tutors will teach one-to-one based on student attendance and progression records. You'll be sure to complete all your lessons.

For example, if you go on vacation for a month, you can join the other group to learn the lessons you've missed after you come back to study. 

However, you must complete all your lessons within the allowed period in order to graduate. 

For Beauty Course, we will teach in groups, and it will take 6 months to complete. For Diet and Nutrition Course, we will not use one-to-one teaching method as all is theory lessons. You are given a maximum of 24 months to complete all the lessons. 

8. Which Sense & Style tutor is good?

Sense & Style using standardized education system to ensure our quality and minimize differences. We have to admit that different tutors may have different teaching styles, but they will teach you by using the same materials and syllabus. 

In fact, we always believe that there is no best tutor, but the best student. As long as you have a positive learning attitude, we are sure that you can become one of the best students!

9. Are your certifications recognized? 

For Make-up and Nail-art courses, we offer Sense & Style certificate, SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) certificate and ITEC certificate. 

For Beauty Course, we offer Sense & Style certificate and SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) certificate. 

For Nutrition Course, we offer ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition. 

All the certificates issued by make-up academies in Malaysia are acceptable in the private sector. You can sit for the in house exam and receive certificates from Sense & Style, which are well-accepted in Malaysia. All the certifications above are well accepted and recognized by most of the countries.

10. When is the next intake?

For Make-up, Beauty, Nail and Nutrition Course, we will have a new intake almost every month. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. 

11. Is there any hidden cost? 

There are no hidden costs. You can get a list of fees that you need to pay from our course consultant, which include tools & accessories and exam fees.

12. Can I use my own products or other brands when I join the class?

Like most of the academy, we only allow students to use the in-house brand because it's easier to teach. Our syllabus is based on the Standardize Education System, so students must use the same products to learn. 

It's also easier for students to learn in this way. However, we do advise students on other brands products that are good to use in the classroom.

13. Can I upgrade or change course?

Yes, you can upgrade to the course you prefer, and you will only need to pay the difference plus upgrade fees. 

Kindly refer to our Course Upgrade Diagram for more details. However, in the case of downgrade a course, the course fee will not be refunded. 

14. After I signed up any one of the courses, do I need to purchase additional products?

For Make-up course (Master Plus/Master/Professional/Bridal) & Hair Styling course, you will need to have extra budget to purchase tools and accessories such as make-up box, brush, extra cosmetics, hair accessories, combs, wax, hair box, hair spray, wigs, hot roller set, pins, etc. These tools and accessories are ranging from approximately RM2,500 to RM2,800. You will also need to pay RM280 to buy raw materials for Hair Styling Accessories class. 

Bear in mind that such tools you buy can last very long, and these tools can help you practice your profession as a Make-up Artist. 

For Beauty Course, the basic skincare products are inclusive in your package; you will only need to prepare RM600-RM800 for the tools. 

For Nail Art Course, all basic tools are included in your course, you need to prepare RM500-RM600 for additional colors. 

For Diet and Nutrition Course, you are not required to purchase anything. 

All of the above Courses are not inclusive of graduation and exam fees for ITEC and SKM.

15. Why your course fees is higher than other academy? 

Well, it depends on what you compare to. We believe Quality is more important than price! S&S is very committed to delivering quality teachings from the very basic to the professional level. 

Furthermore, we provide high-quality cosmetics imported from U.S. to be used in the class worth RM400-RM2,800 (depending on the courses). 

We also provide a Grand Graduation and Makeup Competition for students upon completion of their course, to showcase their talent and artworks. You can also sit for the International Exam to earn an International Make-up Certificate awarded by ITEC, equal valet or higher certificates. We would say our course fee is one of the most reasonable in its kind in Malaysia.

16. Can I pay my course fee in instalment? 

Yes, you can pay your course fee by instalment plan set by Sense & Style. Normally it will be 60% on commencement of class, balance 20% at 2nd month and 20% at 3rd month. However, you will enjoy additional Cash Rebate if you make full payment. Terms & Conditions apply.

17. Who are the tutors and what are their qualifications?

All Sense & Style Beauty Academy tutors are well-trained with positive teaching attitudes, practical skills and knowledge. They are qualified and experienced in their profession, with International Certificate awarded by CIBTAC/SKM/ITEC/C&G. 

What's more, our Make-up tutors managed to train students to win 48 make-up awards in 19 years (16x Champions, 16x 2nd prize, 13x 3rd prize,1x 4th prize, 1x Most Creative Award and 1x Overall Malaysian Make-Up Champion). 

For more information, please check out our tutors' background and qualifications.

18. Will you find jobs for us after we complete the courses?

We have many contacts in bridal houses, beauty salons, nail salons, cosmetic companies, media and advertising company, etc. We will arrange interviews for our students if there is a vacancy available. 

19. Can I get a refund of my school/examination fees?

All fees paid are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.

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