Comprehensive technique instructions, jointly organized by Institute of China, Taiwan and  Malaysia, high-end training, sharing techniques of top-notch embroidery, variety of microblading skills, analysis on skills and theories, instant practical training on a real model, teach until fully grasp of knowledge! 

Course topic: Misty eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Course Outline:

Reasons why pigments of “Dual colour eyeliner” doesn’t show up.
How to complete the combined operation of machine and manual “Dual colour eyeliner”.
Quick method of eyebrow shape design.
Ways to present ink smudging “Misty eyebrow” effect.
Gradient transition and colour matching technique of “Misty eyebrow”. 
Designing eyebrow shapes symmetrically for different face shapes. 
How to apply various techniques on different skin types. 
How to achieve zero scabbing, no healing, able to touch water immediately after “Misty  eyebrow” treatment.
Choosing the proper tools and techniques. 

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Practice kit worth of RM268.

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